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Yipin International Real Estate website (hereinafter referred to as this website) is committed to providing professional overseas real estate information and services to meet individual needs.

When users use some specific functions of this website, the site will ask you to fill in personal information. Based on the protection of personal data with the support of online privacy rights, the information you fill in will be protected.

Acquisition of personal information: When a user enters this website and browses, he/she does not need to enter personal information, such as name or email address, unless explicitly told. The server of this website will automatically record your website address and your browsing activity records on related websites, so that we can analyze website traffic and network behavior, and improve the quality of services on related websites. Such information is only It is used for statistical analysis of data and does not involve personal identification information.

Personal information provided with the user’s consent: When a user applies to subscribe to the newsletter or participate in other activities, this website may ask you to fill in some personal information based on the standpoint of "increase understanding of customers and provide better services", such as age, gender, e-mail address, etc., in order to contact netizens, provide services or process messages. In this case, this website will inform netizens of these facts in advance, and you are free to choose not to receive messages from the strategic partners of this website.

​Use of personal data: The personal data obtained on this website is only provided internally (internal definition: YP Real Estate and collaborated Developers) and used in accordance with the originally stated purpose and scope of use. Unless otherwise stated or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, this website will not provide users' personal data to third parties or use them for other purposes.

Use of the programming: In order to facilitate users, this website may use cookie technology to provide services that are more suitable for the personal needs of netizens; it is a technology used by the website server to communicate with the user's browser, and it may be on the user's computer Some information is stored in the, but the user can freely use the browser settings to cancel or restrict this function.
Effectiveness and modification of the privacy policy statement: This privacy protection statement is effective from November 1, 2020. In order to protect customer privacy and meet service needs, this website reserves the right to modify this statement.
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